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We know you. You’re the kind of traveler that wants an experience of a lifetime. Above having a fantastic time, we want you to come home with something you can be proud of and memories that will last forever. Whether that’s the best photos you’ve ever been able to capture or a compelling piece of travel journalism, you will have no shortage of stories to tell. Making use of all of the resources that pro travel photographer Mark Hemmings and writer Matt George have to offer, you will return home with a fine-tuned way to present your engaging work to the world and a renewed energy for travel experiences.

Israel is one of the most socially and geographically diverse destinations on the planet. The Temple Mount, for example, is one of the most important religious sites for three of the world’s most influential religions. Each of you will see something different. Each of you will tell a different story. Each of you will have the experience of a lifetime.