Pivot Quickly

In 2019, fence sitting seems like a waste of time.

The future moves too quickly. Data is gathered and stored at an impossible clip and new information is presented constantly. It is an irreversible tide of communication.

An incredible future-ready skill is being able to pivot quickly.

Don’t waste your time. Don’t sit on the fence.

In the face of the global conversation, take a side but be willing and able to change your mind quickly.

Is immigration a net positive? Should freedom of speech be limited in some cases or 100% protected? Should automation be able to swallow jobs that could otherwise be done (albeit less productively) by humans?

Take a side.

Take a side but change as the future demands.

If new information that doesn’t support your previous view is presented, change accordingly.

It is a great pleasure to take a side, learn and then change your mind.

You own that tool always. Use it.

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