The Community As It Was (Pt. 1)

Some names changed for anonymity

In Clarenville, Newfoundland, I met Donna from Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Donna was the happiest person I’ve ever met. Her customer service was off the charts. Her job satisfaction seemed extremely high, and her love for her community was clear.

All in all, Clarenville looks the same way small towns looked 50 years ago.

Donna was so content because Donna was, and is still, a part of a community as it was.

For the community that was, everyone had a role to play for the whole thing to work. The system relied on everyone doing their part.

Someone had to sell the insurance. Someone had to be the bank teller. Someone had to be the barber. Someone had to fish and someone had to cook the fish. Someone had to be the teacher, real-estate broker, shop-keeper and someone had to work at Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

What this comes with is a deep sense of being needed.

Money will never come close to justifying career satisfaction but being needed can. Being needed by your community so that the whole system works is deeply rewarding, and Donna was the Queen of Contentment.

Being needed socially is very different than being needed economically but, as it were, both are likely necessary in the system we’ve built.

The key to the whole game is being productive and useful. Being needed by your community but also being needed and essential to the system we’ve built.

We’re entering a time where we very clearly are not all needed.

In 2019, this is the community how it is.

Pt. 2 coming soon!