When 21st Century Choice Hits Home

Everyone wants to think they lived in fascinating times. In fact, curiously, there is one event in all of our lives where we remember precisely where we were at the very moment.

The assassination of JFK.

The creation of the internet.

The death of Princess Diana.

The second plane striking Tower 2 on 9/11.

The election of Barack Obama. Conversely, the election of Donald Trump.

I believe the 21st century is truly great. Great, in the sense that where we go from here is uncertain but will define the rest of human existence.

One of the most striking aspects of the 21st century is we have eliminated the validity of ignorance.

In the 21st century information-age, if you are ignorant about something you are choosing to be that way.

If your ideas of multiculturalism and immigration have led you to fear and the approval of Trump’s Muslim Ban, then you have chosen to misunderstand the world. If you can’t seem to get your health in order because you claim to not know how, you are choosing not to know. It’s easier, in fact, to never lift a finger. The gap between simple & easy is the Grand Canyon.

I’m sympathetic that sifting through all the available information on the internet is difficult, but it is surely easier than a life time of ignorance and misunderstanding.

If you choose the dangerous path of ignorance, you will have to live with the fact that it was your choice to do so.