The Agreements We Make

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Culture, for most, is untouchable.  It’s too big.  Too complicated.  Too on Twitter.

For some, it’s the most fascinating adventure there is.

We don’t realize how tied to culture we really are.  In every interaction, in every transaction, in every feeling, in every community and in every decision there is culture. 

Let’s try this on as a working definition:

Culture is a series of ideas about the world, and how those ideas manifest in society is through you and your actions. 

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SO, you live your whole life learning what you believe, and then you go out into the world and behave based on those ideas.

Within this definition of culture there are the sights, sounds and smells of some of the worlds most fascinating people.  Food, dress, dance, celebration, belief and language are all aspects of culture most anyone could name.

But what about when our cultures meet?

This, for me, is the most fascinating aspect of culture: the agreements we make.

Culture manifests itself as a series of agreements: we’ve formed our ideas about the world, we go out in to society as a human and we behave based on those ideas.  Each and everyday that requires a series of agreements that you make with others.

Agreements on how you will respectfully greet each other.

Agreements on how you will speak to each other.

The agreement that I will pull over when there is an ambulance behind me because I know that their destination is more important than mine.

The maritime agreement that I will hold the door for you.

When these agreements break down we’ve lost our way because now we can no longer make sense to each other. 

Everything in life depends on the agreements we make and making sense to each other.