What Bill Tarr Taught me About Being Strong

It was the great & powerful Van Jones that crystallized it for me:

‘I don’t want you to be safe.  I want you to be strong.’

In Bill’s serious demeanor you can see a life well lived, but a longer life than most his age.  What Bill has taught me most is that making it comes at a cost and we all pay the price.  From the civil war in Liberia, to a refugee camp in Ghana, to higher education in the Philippines, to a Masters Degree in Germany, to becoming a cultural intelligence trainer, leader and citizen of Canada, Bill has been strong and has helped others on his path recognize their own strength.

Bill’s episode on the Podcast

When you speak to someone with a great story you realize the possible variations of life as a human are infinite.  You can be born in Liberia at a time of turmoil or born to a middle-class family in a suburb of the East Coast of Canada where nothing ever happens and diseases are those of abundance, not scarcity.  Where people lose meaning because of boredom, not because of poverty.  Where people often find companionship in career as opposed to family and friends.  One of them feels lonely in a company of 1,000 and one never eats alone and laughs often.

When I need to dig deep and be strong  I think of Bill sitting across the table from me saying; ‘It didn’t matter.  I would’ve made it anyway.’ 

Put on some boots young people. Go out and be strong.