Stumbling on Discovery

Listen to Episode #20 of the podcast with SomaDetect’s CEO, Bethany Deshpande.

It seems likely that we have a complete misunderstanding of luck. We’ve all seen it: the human being who is down on their luck reliably giving $2 away every single day for a scratch ticket. The hope of the big win. The possibility of hitting it big and having all of your money problems solved. ‘Hey SOMEBODY has to win,’ they say.

Let’s say what they’re after is 10 grand. Okay, fine, $2 in exchange for $10,000, I understand the allure and I understand how it’s possible to think that something given to you will solve your problems. It won’t. It never could. But somewhere along the line your need for certainty was hijacked and so you give away $2 every single day and you never make it back.

We misunderstand luck because you’re entering into the most unlucky environment of them all. You’re not going to win 10K on a scratch ticket and might as well stop trying.

BUT you could EASILY ‘win’ 10 grand if you identified a problem worth solving, built a skill, offered a solution to that problem to solve someone’s pain and then exchanged the solution for the 10K you seek. It’s in this idea that our fundamental misunderstanding of luck is found: it is infinitely easier to earn 10K then it is to win 10K and only one of them involves the variable of raw, undeserved luck.

The reality is this: almost everyone who has ever been truly successful has put themselves in a position to be lucky. You may think putting yourself in a position to win a scratch ticket by buying the tickets constitutes putting yourself in a position to be lucky, but it doesn’t.

If you continually, day after day, wake up, sit down, tune-in and put yourself in a position to be lucky you will get your 10K and then some. You will compound not only the potential of being lucky but in the process you will compound your ability and that will be worth far more over a lifetime.

SomaDetect’s origin story is one of stumbling on discovery. Of putting yourself in the position to be lucky. Better yet, of putting yourself in the position to stumble on discovery by paying attention to the world around you and then listening to what comes back.

It’s a perfect example of putting yourself in success’s path and ensuring it swerves around you or, hopefully, goes through you. Either way, you’ve compounded your ability and the likelihood that this ‘luck’ you’re after will find you.

Put yourself in the position to be lucky today: get a skill, ask great questions, identify interesting problems and build solutions around those problems to solve pain.

You’ll be lucky in no time.