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The Anthropology of Business: The Ties That Bind

Apple and Disney are two of the worlds most iconic corporations for a reason. Yes, you trust them to knock it out of the park because they frequently do. Yes we’re berated by our peers that we have to see what the iPhone X camera can do and we can’t miss seeing Frozen, but that’s the easy stuff.

 What they both do better than anyone is they sell us a story. Indeed, even more than that, they sell us new worlds. Limitless possibility and limitless potential. Especially Disney. We enter into relationship with them because of what could be! The opportunity to be something more. To do more. To want more. To expect more. They sell us the story that gives us a why.

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The Human Side of Automation Pt. 3: Redefining Work

Remember: when our current models of energy, mobility and communication change, we are headed for a revolution my friends; from combustion cars powered by oil and telephone use, to electric-power, autonomous vehicles empowered by internet communication. Life is changing as we know it.

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The Human Side of Automation Pt. 1: Will I be Needed?

Dotted across the United States of America you see industrial-era graveyards. Entire towns where men & women all worked at the factory until the world became small and the factory left. As factories outsourced production and moved to South-East Asia their labor did not move with them. Humans move slowly, corporations move very quickly. General Mills, the steel plant and Ford are long gone, the people are still there.

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