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My Brother, My Sister

Movement making is complicated. We’re crying for well led movements in 2019. We will never make sense to each-other on Twitter. It’s not possible. Making sense takes time. Movements take time. Madiba’s great grandfather was a masterful movement maker. After what would feel like a life-time on Robben Island, Nelson forgave his jailers. He forgave them for a reason. Mandela understood that there is something that comes after oppression and conflict. After war-time there is peace and peace requires forward momentum. We must honor the past but look forward. MLK was on this level. MLK very intentionally deployed the words ‘brother’ and ‘sister.’ White or Black, you became family. The color of your skin can’t change but your ideas can. Mandela and MLK were master movement makers.

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We're Meant to be Collaborators

The reality, even in my own life in some ways, is this:

If you are dependent on someone else to eat, you are not a free person.

If you are dependent on someone else to put a roof over your head, you are not a free person.

If your political views fit neatly in one pre-determined bucket, you are not a free person.

If you can’t go one hour without checking your phone, you are not a free person.

What we’re meant to be is collaborators; an economy of people with skills that they trade on an open market like any other product or service. We do jobs together if it makes sense and if we choose to and then we retreat back and engage again when the time is right.

Entrepreneurs who are beholden to no one but accountable to everyone.

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