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Letters to a Friend #1: July 2019

In hindsight, it couldn’t have been more perfect that it happened to me on this island. Mykonos is nestled almost exactly in between Greece and Turkey. The nowhere place. You’re not here anymore, but you’re not there yet. So where are you? That was my question.

This was my nowhere land in between who I was and who I was becoming. Where I was and where I was going.

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Remembering Tony Bourdain

We will never make sense to each other on Twitter. It’s not possible. It’s not going to happen. Abandon ship. But we will make sense to each other across the table. Breaking bread is like sharing a piece of us. A hold over from the times we visited each others fires and sharing food was life or death. The feeling you get when you’re welcomed into a warm kitchen is unlike anything else. It’s deep within us. Good food and conversation with people are different than I am is one of my few true loves.

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