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Coding Culture: My Favorite Question at SHAD 2019

My favorite question was about the very intersection we deal with here: the intersection of culture, business & technology.

It was related to an MIT study called the Moral Machine. The bright young man asking the question referred to the Trolley Problem: a seminal morality question that requires you to codify your morality in real-time: a train is running on a track directly at 5 unassuming victims and you as the bystander can save them by pulling the lever. The lever diverts the train on to track 2 and will kill only 1 person. Do you pull the lever or let fate take its course? The analogy to self-driving cars is clear: when it comes time to make the decision between one life or the other, what does the car choose? Of course by car we actually mean algorithm. What does the algorithm choose? It depends on how we code culture.

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