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Letters to a Friend #1: July 2019

In hindsight, it couldn’t have been more perfect that it happened to me on this island. Mykonos is nestled almost exactly in between Greece and Turkey. The nowhere place. You’re not here anymore, but you’re not there yet. So where are you? That was my question.

This was my nowhere land in between who I was and who I was becoming. Where I was and where I was going.

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What Dan Doiron Taught me About the Economic Opportunity Ahead

A glance around the industrial world reveals it's clues; the era of the central, homogenous classroom is over. The era of the central, homogenous business is over. The era of the central, homogenous community is over. The era of the central, homogenous government is over.

What does that change look like in real-time?  How do we operate successfully in a future that really doesn't look anything like the time we're in now?

How do we navigate the opportunity ahead in a region that will go through serious growing pains?

We tell the story. And we better be damn sure we tell it well.

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Remembering Tony Bourdain

We will never make sense to each other on Twitter. It’s not possible. It’s not going to happen. Abandon ship. But we will make sense to each other across the table. Breaking bread is like sharing a piece of us. A hold over from the times we visited each others fires and sharing food was life or death. The feeling you get when you’re welcomed into a warm kitchen is unlike anything else. It’s deep within us. Good food and conversation with people are different than I am is one of my few true loves.

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The Non-Obvious, Obvious Idea of Scale

If you can’t explain something to a child then it’s likely you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Seems obvious when you think about it: memorizing buzz-words is far from understanding, so if you’re speaking in terms you’re not saying much of anything. There are two main reasons people complicate ideas; they don’t want you to understand because they profit from the confusion or they have no sweet clue what they’re talking about.

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The Intersection of Culture & Business Pt. 1: China's AI Advantage

What we will undoubtedly now see is the emergence of national culture in tech adoption and implementation as technology is embedded in our lives and bodies. The Americans will form ideas around what is appropriate business practice. The Indians will take bits and pieces and then add their own. The Europeans may show flavors of East & West and the Chinese may decide to up-end the apple cart entirely.

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The Human Side of Automation Pt. 4: Rethinking Education

The paradox is that in school students are sitting in one place, learning from physical text that is not current and sharing is cheating. What kid that you know learns like that?! As soon as the bell rings young folks are hyper-mobile, learning from digital content that is current to the minute and sharing is the entire point.

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Human Super-Power 1: Meaning Control

This is our super-power.

To imagine that there is a now that is one way and a future that is another way.

We could be in the greatest battle of our lives and if we make it through call it the most meaningful experience we’ve ever had.

We have the power to imagine that tomorrow will be better than today and we use that feeling to incite action.

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David Alston's Uncanny Valley

In 1970 a professor of robotics named Masahiro Mori called the eerie likeness of Robots to human the Uncanny Valley. In this Valley a robot can behave in spectacular ways and may look just like us, but there is something off. The only way to describe it is a feeling. ‘For whatever reason,’ we say, ‘Something’s just off.” Try as it might, the robot cannot convince us, that they are us.

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